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NCSFA Representatives


Your NCSFA-AAUP representatives are working for you in a number of different capacities.  Listed below are the various “teams” working for you.

Executive Team Members
President:   Margaret Puckett Elected 2014 - 2016
Vice President:   Dan McCool Elected 2014 - 2016
Treasurer:   Ross Justice 2015-2017
Secretary:   Tonya Stranger 2015-2017
 Member-at Large:   Christine Shearer Elected 2014 - 2016
Contract Administrator & Grievance Officer:   Jeff Taylor(Appointed)
Chief Negotiator:   Dan McCool (Appointed)
Past Negotiator:   Jeff Taylor (Volunteered)
Membership Coordinator:   Molly McCue (Volunteered)
Communication Team:   Need a Volunteer (Volunteered)
Faculty Caucus President:   Margaret Puckett (Elected)
Web Master:   Lynn Damberger (Volunteered)


These team members are available to you, to keep information flowing from you to the Executive Team, and from the Executive Team to you
Health Sciences: Tonya Stranger & Jeff Taylor
Fallerius: Margaret Puckett, Dan McCool,
Molly McCue, Christine Shearer

Lynn Damberger & Ross Justice
Action Team
Whenever you, as a full-time faculty member (dues -paying member or not!), are unable to resolve an issue with an administrator, we ask that you involve us, and the sooner you can do that, the better.
Jeff Taylor
Labor Management Team
This team of faculty meets at least once a semester with a team of administrators in an effort (per Section 7.04 of the exisiting CBA) "to address issues related to [the] administration of [the CBA] and matters of concern to either party in order to maintain a harmonious relationship".
Margaret Puckett, Jeff Taylor, Dan McCool
Negotiating Team
2014 Team: Jeff Taylor Chief Negotiator, Michelle Denny, Pat Herb, Margaret Puckett, Dan McCool
2011 Team: Brad Hays - Chief Negotiator, Jeff Taylor, Jean Jones, Pat Herb, and Beth Franz
2008 Team: Brad Hays - Chief Negotiator, Jeff Taylor, Jean Jones, Pat Herb, and Beth Franz