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Mission  &  Goals


We, the members of the North Central State Faculty Association, have organized in order to support the college’s values, vision and mission statement. We offer a strong independent,  unifying voice in an effort to create an environment of mutual respect in which faculty knowledge and expertise are valued.


  • To offer a strong and independent collective faculty voice, one that will be heard.
  • To put academic concerns back at the center of any dialogue that concerns the direction of the college.
  • To transform what has become an adversarial relationship between faculty and the administration into a collaborative relationship built on mutual respect.
  • To address inequalities in the way the college develops and implements policies and procedures so that all faculty can be equal partners in support of the college’s mission.
  • To demand clarity and accountability from the administration whenever policies and practices are being developed, implemented, and enforced.
  • To ensure that faculty approval is sought whenever faculty positions are being created and filled.
  • To ensure that faculty input is sought whenever management positions are being created and filled, particularly when the position is that of Chief Academic Officer at the institution.

  North Central State Faculty Association Organizing Committee (November 2006)